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Why Should Business Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Top Reasons to Hire Social Media Marketing Company
The social media ecosystem is dynamic and ever-changing. Media as a whole is taking an entirely new form. More time and attention is being spent on Social Media than any other media platform today. The barrier is to entry is low and relatively free. With a simple email address, companies can secure a profile on virtually every platform out there. Just because it”s free does not mean companies are taking advantage and maximizing their efforts on Social Media. Companies are hiring Social Media Managers daily to take on this responsibility, but why hire 1 person when you can hire an agency? Here are 5 reasons why companies are working with digital and social media marketing agency.

You’ll Get More Bang for Your Buck
For the same price as it would cost to hire one social media marketing expert to handle your social media and digital marketing needs, your company can hire an SMM agency who has a team of experts in their respective fields. Also, from a financial perspective, your company won’t have to pay employee cost on outsourcing the service and can be written off as an expense to the business.

A Social Media Marketing Agency Can Create a Customized Marketing Plan
Each client’s needs are different. My clients come from all different industries from Dental Arts to Alcohol Brands. We take a lot of pride in learning everything we can about our clients, then cater a customized strategy and plan. When bringing on a new client we always establish what the key point indicators of measurement, and cater a strategy accordingly. This types of approach gives so much more value to the working relationship, because performance and execution are imperative for the relationship to work. Communication and clearly defined written goals, always make for a smoother execution of the plan. Here are some fun Goal Setting techniques to exercise: KISS goals (Keep It Simple Stupid) and SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, and Time-Based)

Professional Social Media Agencies Are Experts in Every Platform
We are social media experts, as in all social media. It can get overwhelming with all the social media outlets from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and LinkedIn. So we take it upon ourselves to constantly educate ourselves on best tips, tricks, and practices. We even share those practices for free to anyone who is looking to educate themselves. Our goal and intention is to share our knowledge with everyone because we sincerely care about the success of our partners and the industry as a whole.

Agencies Can Create Transparency in Marketing
Technology has made communicating in real time to anyone around the world far more accessible than ever before. Cloud based storing and sharing has made it easier for Marketing companies to work with lots of different brands who fit their style. Clients also can log in and see in real time and see what their Account Success Managers have gotten done, are currently working on, and receive performance metrics via dashboard reports, and can run deeper reports with analytics. This gives a lot of value to the relationship, because for the same or similar cost, again, 1 person can not handle tat load of work. There is value in transparency.

Social Media Agencies Make You Look Cooler
Our job is to help our clients reach their Social Media goals, it is just added bonus that we make them look really cool doing it. The definition of what is cool, hip, and in, is something Gary Vaynerchuk preaches, and I fully buy into, is the Thank You Economy and the humanization of business. So when you hire an agency, you are building more of a community and that is cool. Consumers can detect in authenticity a lot easier in the age of information.

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