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Digital Marketing Strategies for Startup businesses in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE

Digital Marketing for Startups
Starting a business is an achievement in itself. But with the achievement comes truck load of responsibilities. There are a million things that need your attention – from payments, to resource allocation, to logistic, to business ideas- every little detail requires your scrutiny.

Entrepreneurs ignore marketing in their early stage as it looks like an expense to them. But in reality, digital marketing, if done in the right way can be a huge boon for your start-up. It can give you consumer insights, market demand, and accelerate your business.

Here is how you can use digital marketing strategy to market your start-up:

Content is still the King.
We have all heard this statement time and again but there is no denying that this in fact is true. The right content allows the customers to relate with the brand. It is a pillar for all the communication efforts in marketing. For an entrepreneur, it is important to given extra attention on the content because it is a major contributor in generating website traffic and leads.

Making a long-term investment in SEO
Usually entrepreneurs engage in SEO only while their website is under construction, once its ready, they forget about it. Google keeps updating its analytics and your website must be in line with those updates. Consumers look for information online and if your website is not up-to-date, it might get lost in the void.

Mobile – Ready and Mobile – Friendly
2018 is the smartphone era. Almost 80% of the population in the world owns a smartphone. Hence, it is important to inculcate a mobile marketing strategy in your business plan. Your websites need to be mobile/tablet friendly in order to appeal to the mobile users. Mobile advertising through app marketing, sms marketing, email marketing, etc will increase your chances of growth.

Digital Marketing is not just Social Media Marketing
Entrepreneurs need to realise that digital marketing is not social media. It is a part of digital marketing which allows the companies to have better reach and communicate better with their audiences. Digital Marketing is much more than just engaging on networking platforms.

When done right, can create a big impact
A thumb rule that every entrepreneur must know is that there is no short them investment or gratification in digital marketing. You will not get see results immediately, but gradually.

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