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SEO Tips for Bloggers To Make Blog Successful

SEO Tips for Bloggers
The search results that lie in the #1 position on Google gets 33% of search traffic. By simply having your site appear at the top of the results list, you can substantially boost traffic and business for your blog.

Numbers don’t lie, and the number one spot is a coveted one. If you want to make your rise to the top of SEO land, having well-written content isn’t going to cut it. It’s time focus on writing SEO content that is both keyword-focused and will attract more traffic to your blog.

If that sounds complicated, fear not. It’s more simple than it sounds but will require a little strategy to become the ultimate SEO blogger. There are a few things you can do that can help get your content in high rankings spots on the results page while bringing in a relevant audience.

Here’s the guide on how to optimize SEO for your blog:

It’s All About The Keyword
Google handles 40,000 search queries in one single second. I know, mind-blowing. That’s why it is so important to cut through search result gutters and rise above your competitors.

You need to zero in on keywords with phrases that your potential customers might search for. Otherwise, they will never be able to find your website and its incredible content.

The best way to identify which keywords you can utilize without hiring a professional service is by heading over to the social media platforms. Find out where your desired audience is hanging out online, and simply see what is trending.

Pay close attention to the phrasing and words they are using. Google has tools that can help you get a feel for what keywords are popular. Google Trends can show you which searches are starting to decline and which are just firing up.

However, keep in mind that the most obvious and used keywords are not always the best ones. Searchers like to use very long keyword phrases and even questions when they search. For the ultimate SEO Expert success, increase your organic search traffic by making your keyword phrases longer.

For the ultimate SEO blogger success, increase your organic search traffic by making your keyword phrases longer.

Sprinkle Your Keywords
After you’ve got a good list of potential, lengthy, target keywords, it’s time to start your blog post! Brainstorm which topic will engage your target audience and bring traffic to your site.

A smart SEO Expert will keep their buyer profiles in mind. Consider their wants, needs, and challenges as you choose a topic. Make sure it’s something that can really resonate with your crowd.

When you write your blog, use the keyword naturally and in a variety of ways throughout your post. The best SEO blogger is one that knows how to incorporate keywords without a reader spotting them often.

Make sure the keyword is in the title, at least one subheading, and throughout the content. It is very important for an SEO Expert to not overuse a keyword. Keyword stuffing may lead to a website being penalized or even banned in search engine results.

Don’t shortchange your readers with overused keywords and insult their intelligence. Let them read on in your blog with engaging, entertaining, well-placed keyword driven posts.

A Great SEO Expert will Link It Out
As you starting writing your blog posts, remember that it’s a good thing to link to other articles and blogs! When you link to other relevant and reputable websites, blog readers will gain more insight while Google will recognize you’ve done your research.

Furthermore, the love just might come back to you. A great SEO Expert always recognizes when they’ve been linked too and will more than likely make an effort to link back to you in the future.

Link Back To You
Keep your internal linking to a minimum and only choose the ones that are the most relevant to your post. Get specific and particular when you link back to anything on your own blog.

Carefully analyze if the link naturally ties in with the subject matter.

A great blog post is one comprised of hard-to-argue-with, research savvy statistics from great sources. Use as many stats as you need to help you build a convincing article with a great stance or argument.

Use your links, and get your readers to think.

Length Matters
You might think that short and snappy blogs posts are the way to go. However, search engines actually praise the longer in-depth blog post through rankings.

The longer your blog post is, the better chance it has of getting in those covetable high ranking spots on the results page.

Every SEO Expert needs to keep in mind that with more content on their page, they offer more clues that search engines will have to figure out just what your blog is about. Consider a minimum of 300 words per post.

However, this isn’t the space to write a novel. Don’t turn your readers off with a post that is too long. The smart SEO Expert knows the perfect length of a post. A great way to break up a longer post is to make it scannable.

Make It Scannable
Make your post readable by offering them an initial exciting hook, a great (but short) intro, and lots of subheaders. Consider writing listicles as well. Articles that are written as lists are a huge hit.

Use bulleted lists and subheadings to keep your reader’s eyes moving down the page all the way to the bottom of your post. Creating blogs that are easy to read and less intimidating will keep your audience coming back to read more of your posts.

Blog Big
You started a blog because you want to reach people with what you are passionate about. You want your newborn blog to be a hit. However, you need to get your blog in the proper rating spaces to do so.

You need your blog to be loved by both Google and your audience.The recipe to achieve this success is by following these tips. You’ll earn higher rankings, get more traffic to your blog, and get more qualified sources linking back to you.


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